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GMC Sierra EV to launch in a premium limited Denali Edition

“The market needs electric pickup trucks!” That was the EVangelist’s refrain a couple of years ago. Now the mantra of the day is, “The market needs low-priced EVs!” In fact, the market needs both, and another electric pickup (but by no means a low-priced one) is on the way. The GMC Sierra EV will make… Read more »

Mitigating EV Battery Thermal Runaway Risks With Simulation Technology

Electric vehicle fires often become big news stories, but what actually causes them? A chain reaction inside the battery—called thermal runaway —causes the battery to generate excess heat and catch fire. Regulations have been put in place so that once a thermal runaway issue has been detected in the battery pack, occupants of the car… Read more »

Sumitomo Rubber develops simulation technique to develop next-gen EV tires

Automotive company Sumitomo Rubber has developed a new simulation technique called Tire Aerodynamic Simulation, which is used in the process of tire development to visualize the airflow around the tire of a running vehicle This simulation will help to develop a tire shape that optimizes aerodynamic performance and contributes to lowering the electricity consumption in… Read more »

MIT chemists develop an organic battery cathode for EVs

MIT researchers have designed a new lithium-ion battery using an organic cathode that contains no cobalt or nickel. In a new study, the researchers showed that this material an conduct electricity at similar rates as cobalt batteries, and could be produced at much lower cost. The new battery also has comparable storage capacity and charges… Read more »

SAE International forms committee to develop standard for energy-efficient and sustainable EVs

SAE International, in collaboration with Intel, has established a new committee to advance the energy efficiency of EVs. The Vehicle Platform Power Management Committee (J3311), which is chaired by Intel, aims to use power management principles from the PC industry to make all EVs more energy-efficient and sustainable. This new committee will establish a Vehicle… Read more »

Mitsubishi Electric releases SiC and Si power modules for EVs

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the coming release of six new power semiconductor modules for various EVs. The J3-Series modules contain either a silicon carbide metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (SiC-MOSFET) or a silicon RC-IGBT. They feature compact designs and scalability for use in the inverters of EVs and PHEVs. All six J3-Series products will be available… Read more »

GM invests in battery materials innovator Mitra Chem

GM has invested $60 million in a Series B financing round for Mitra Chem, a Silicon Valley-based battery materials innovator. GM and Mitra Chem will develop new iron-based cathode active materials (CAM), namely lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP), to power EV batteries compatible with GM’s Ultium Platform EV propulsion architecture. GM’s funding will help Mitra… Read more »

Ample partners with Mitsubishi Fuso to bring battery swapping to electric trucks

Ample, which currently operates battery swapping stations in San Francisco, is now working with Mitsubishi Fuso (of which Daimler Truck is the majority owner), to build a battery-swapping system for electric last-mile-delivery fleets. “Our partnership will deliver Mitsubishi Fuso electric trucks powered by Ample’s Modular Battery Swapping technology,” says Ample. “The initial deployment will leverage… Read more »