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Cirba Solutions helps Toyota expand battery recycling network to nationwide program

Toyota Motor North America is expanding its battery recycling network with Cirba Solutions, a battery recycling materials and management company. The agreement expands Toyota’s battery recycling network and optimizes its logistics network for end-of-life lithium-ion battery collection from Midwest and East Coast regions, including those from hybrid and battery EVs. Processing will take place at… Read more »

Jacobs and Cirba Solutions partner to expand US battery processing

Jacobs, a US-headquartered technical professional services company, is collaborating with US battery recycling company Cirba Solutions to expand its North American manufacturing capacity for EV battery materials. The goal is to promote a circular, more sustainable EV supply chain. Jacobs is managing facility design and supporting construction at multiple Cirba locations, including its Lancaster, Ohio,… Read more »

Cirba Solutions to build EV battery recycling plant in South Carolina

Battery recycling company Cirba Solutions has announced a Phase I investment of at least $300 million in a new battery recycling facility to be built near Columbia, South Carolina. The plant, Cirba’s eighth in North America and fourth in the US, will focus on processing end-of-life hybrid and EV batteries, gigafactory scrap, and end-of-life consumer… Read more »

Cirba Solutions and GM extend collaboration on EV battery recycling

Cirba Solutions and GM have extended an existing agreement to recycle battery scrap generated by manufacturing and research at selected GM facilities through 2024. The original agreement dates from 2021, and GM has already recycled more than a million pounds of batteries. Cirba provides GM with reverse logistics, disassembly and processing to return recycled materials… Read more »

Everledger and Ford introduce battery passport pilot

Digital transparency company Everledger and Ford have launched a battery passport pilot for tracking EV batteries. “The battery passport concept was launched by the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), a multi-stakeholder alliance that brings together 110 leading international organizations,” says Everledger. “The battery passport is the digital identity of a battery which includes information about its… Read more »