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ITECH Electronics introduces a next-gen regenerative grid simulator

ITECH Electronics has introduced the IT7900 regenerative grid simulator, a programmable grid simulator and 4-quadrant AC source.  The IT7900, which is designed to test grid-tied products, integrates the functions of a built-in RLC anti-islanding load, a grid simulator and a power meter in one unit. Users can configure parameters such as RLC, active power and reactive power of… Read more »

Testing EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charging facilities, such as energy storage systems, fast-charging stations, and slow household chargers, are facing increasing challenges in battery capacity, security, and improving charging efficiency, which is one of the most concerning problems for EV manufacturers and owners. ITECH provides energy-saving all-around test solutions for equipment manufacturers to realize continuous industrial upgrading and rapid… Read more »

Full Power Testing Solutions for EV Battery and Automotive Electronics

In response to the growth of the electrification ecosystem, engineers face new challenges during vehicle design verification, performance evaluation and mass production. Higher voltage and current, faster switching time and different standard compliance seem to make the power testing job more complicated. It’s time to find a turnkey solution that makes all of these easier… Read more »

Evaluation Of EV Battery Life And Characteristic Simulation

In recent years, with the fast development of EVs, battery life and performance have attracted more and more attention. In this session, you’ll learn the challenges that are often met in the evaluation of the EV battery life and how ITECH test solutions can help. In addition, as the most important component of EVs, battery… Read more »

Over 50 free EV engineering sessions confirmed: Charged Virtual Conference starts in two weeks

The Spring 2021 sessions list for the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering is out now. Just like the content Charged brings you every day, conference topics will span the entire EV engineering supply chain and ecosystem including motor and power electronics design and manufacturing, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection,… Read more »