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Senator Schumer takes Revel’s millionth electric ride in NYC

New York-based Revel leverages the synergies between urban public charging and ridesharing. The company operates two public EV fast charging Superhubs, and plans to add at least 130 more plugs by the end of 2023. The company launched its electric rideshare service in 2021, and currently has a fleet of about 300 EVs, including Tesla… Read more »

Legrand’s new residential Level 2 EV charger is designed to be powerful and compact

Legrand, a manufacturer of a broad range of electrical wiring devices for commercial, industrial and residential applications, has announced the launch of its first residential EV charger. “We’re about delivering access to power, wherever and however people need it,” states Scott Bausch, VP and General Manager for Legrand’s wiring device business. “The need for simple,… Read more »

Lower-income Colorado residents can get a $6,000 rebate for upgrading to an EV

The higher purchase prices of EVs put them out of reach for lower-income car buyers. The state of Colorado is trying to address this issue with a new program that offers rebates to qualifying residents. The Vehicle Exchange Colorado (VXC) program, which is scheduled to launch in August, is designed to help income-qualified residents replace… Read more »

California’s Green Raiteros use EVs to provide free rides to low-income and elderly residents

The benefits of new technology generally flow downward from the top of the income ladder, and lower-income communities tend to be the most affected by pollution and environmental damage. However, in one California town, low-income residents are breathing a little cleaner air and enjoying the benefits of e-mobility, thanks to a local community group called… Read more »

Pyka receives $7-million California tax credit to expand zero-emission autonomous aircraft manufacturing

Electric aircraft startup Pyka has been awarded a $7-million California Competes Tax Credit from the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)—an income tax credit for businesses that locate or grow in California. Pyka’s technology includes autonomous flight control software, flight computers, high-energy-density batteries, advanced electric propulsion systems and carbon-composite airframes. The company… Read more »

EV charge management isn’t just for fleet depots: Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO

Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO Tracy K. Price EV chargers aren’t the kind of hardware that’s typically installed by the customer—whether that customer is a homeowner who’s charging one EV, or a company with dozens of charging sites. An EV charger deployment generally requires the services of an installer (and larger projects sometimes involve… Read more »

Recurrent Reports offer battery and range info for 65,000 used EVs

Buying any used car is a bit like buying the proverbial pig in a poke, and for an EV, there are additional questions to ponder: What’s the state of the battery, and how much range can I expect? These are the questions that Recurrent Reports aim to help car shoppers answer when buying a used… Read more »

SQM and Circulor partner to provide end-to-end lithium traceability for the EV battery supply chain

Traceability—the ability to document the sources of raw materials and components—is becoming a critical concern in the battery field as regulators incorporate country-of-origin requirements into new programs such as the EU Battery Regulation and the US Clean Vehicle Tax Credit. Now SQM (Sociedad Química y Minera), a major lithium producer, has announced a collaboration with… Read more »

A closer look at graphite—its forms, functions and future in EV batteries

Q&A with Graphex CEO John DeMaio Reading the EV press, you might assume that lithium, cobalt and nickel are the stars of the battery show—they get a lot of coverage, as pundits debate the relative merits of NMC and LFP cathode chemistries and agonize over looming shortages. Meanwhile, over in the anode, there’s an unsung… Read more »

Wolfspeed and ZF partner to develop silicon carbide semiconductors

Some European feathers have recently been ruffled by the “Buy American” provisions of the US Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Some say the EU needs to respond by increasing its own support of the EV industry in order to meet the threat from Chinese automakers. So it’s encouraging to see two high-tech companies… Read more »