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US Postal Service commissions prototypes for possible future plug-in vehicles

As postal services in Norway, France and Germany expand their electric vehicle fleets, the US Postal Service has taken its first tiny step forward on the road to electrification. The USPS has selected a design from Indiana-based manufacturer AM General (best known for the Humvee military vehicle and its civilian cousin, the Hummer) as part… Read more »

Your EV may not be so green – but then again, it may.

Here we go again. A mainstream news source distills (some would say “distorts”) a complex scientific study into a sensational headline, and the online echo chamber spins the story into a narrative that’s almost the opposite of what the study actually found. The study, Life Cycle Air Quality Impacts of Conventional and Alternative Light-Duty Transportation… Read more »

Sarah Palin flays Fisker (well, okay) and trashes Tesla (what???)

It’s no surprise that the media has been having a field day with the story of Fisker Automotive’s apparently terminal troubles. “Pissing away taxpayer money on useless boondoggles” was one of the more charitable descriptions of the situation to be found over on the rightward side of the dial. Even more neutral observers noted the… Read more »