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Voltage surge and transient suppression in EV chargers

Anything powered by an external source of electricity needs to be protected from voltage transients and surges, as it is not a question of whether such hazards will occur, but rather how often they will occur (and of what severity they will be). As might be expected, there are internationally agreed-upon regulations for surge and… Read more »

Costco warehouse installs off-grid solar to power its EV fleet

Retail giant Costco has installed on-site solar generation at a new electric truck charging project in southern California. Costco contracted Washington-based Trinity Structures to design and build an off-grid rooftop solar system at its distribution center in Mira Loma. Trinity completed the project in four months. The “solar electrification structure,” as Trinity calls it, is… Read more »

Transport Canada, US DOT and DOE issue joint statement on action to reduce rail-sector emissions

The US and Canada have created a Rail Decarbonization Task Force to explore ways to reduce emissions from the rail sector. According to a joint statement from the US DOT and the Canadian Transport Ministry, “The decarbonization of the rail sector is a crucial component of our global efforts to reduce emissions and meet the… Read more »

Cornell Dubilier introduces new 1,000-hour X2 class interference suppression capacitors

Cornell Dubilier, a supplier of advanced components and solutions, has introduced a new MXT Series capacitor.  The metalized polypropylene film capacitor is designed to suppress conducted electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) at a circuit’s power input. It passed the 85/85 THB (Temperature, Humidity, Bias) test for use in harsh environments. It has successfully passed accelerated testing… Read more »

HummingbirdEV tech powers Keshi Group electric mining vehicles in China

US-based vehicle electrification system supplier HummingbirdEV has provided 393 electric mining vehicles powered by its EV technologies under a licensing agreement with Keshi Group, a China-based manufacturer of coal mining vehicles and equipment. They are now in operation in Chinese mines. The vehicles have payload capacities of between 16,000 and 30,000 lbs. They include HummingbirdEV’s… Read more »

Two- and three-wheel EVs delivering more emissions reduction than cars

We humans are, at least in theory, proceeding with a broad range of measures to slow climate change —deploying renewable energy sources, protecting forests, cleaning up industrial emissions, etc. According to a recent study by the World Resources Institute, only a single one of these projects is currently on track to meet the goals set… Read more »

Solar-powered public EV fast charging station unveiled in Westchester County, New York

Sustainable Westchester, a renewable energy provider and advocacy group, recently unveiled a new EV fast charging station powered entirely by solar energy. The Sunshine to EV project, located at Sustainable Westchester’s Mount Kisco, New York headquarters, includes an 85 kW solar photovoltaic array, a 180 kWh on-site storage battery, and twin Jule 75 kW DC… Read more »

U.S. Steel converts diesel locomotives to battery power

U.S. Steel has converted two of its diesel switcher locomotives at its Mon Valley Works plants to lithium-ion battery operation.  The locomotives were built by Louisiana-headquartered Innovative Rail Technologies (IRT). The conversion was funded in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. U.S .Steel contributed $2.3 million of the total cost. The locomotives carry… Read more »

New version of Chargeway EV routing app embeds real-time charger info for drivers

EV drivers shouldn’t have to understand kilowatts—or drive up to a dead charger. Chargeway has an answer for all that. The Chargeway EV charging app may still be the best electric-car idea you’ve never heard of. Not as well-known or as widely distributed as Plugshare or A Better Route Planner (ABRP), it remains among the… Read more »