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Workhorse CEO on the company’s new plug-in hybrid pickup truck and its expansive plans for the future

We all acknowledge the absurdity of ignoring an elephant, when one is present in the very room in which important matters are being discussed, but what about a hulking, jacked-up, V8-powered monster truck? Tesla permanently changed the conversation about EVs when it electrified a sporty two-seater, a luxury sedan and a crossover SUV, but few… Read more »

Proterra testing autonomous electric buses in Reno

City buses are slowly but steadily going electric, and they could soon begin to go driverless as well. Electric bus maker Proterra, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Nevada Reno and the German Fraunhofer Institute, is testing autonomous buses on the streets of Reno. The first phase of the pilot project will focus… Read more »

EV fast charging in transition: What’s currently installed, coming soon and still years away?

Phoenix Contact discusses the upcoming transition phase for DC fast charging We receive a lot of press releases at Charged about plans for next-generation DC fast charging. It’s easy to lose track of exactly what is currently installed, what is coming in the near future, and what is still a few years away. Despite all… Read more »

Tesla Supercharger V3 could have power output greater than “a mere 350 kW”

As EV ranges increase, charging levels are on the way up too. Phoenix Contact, EVgo and Porsche are among the companies developing more powerful charging systems. Naturally, Tesla has plans to outdo them all. In a recent tweet, Elon Musk hinted at something called Supercharger V3, which presumably will offer charging levels higher than the… Read more »

CCSplus aims to deliver 100 km of range in 3-5 minutes

Long charging times represent one of the most commonly-cited barriers to widespread EV adoption, and with ranges getting longer, the need for faster charging becomes even more pressing. Pennsylvania-based Phoenix Contact plans to demonstrate its CCSplus fast charging system at the upcoming North American International Auto Show. CCSplus builds on the established CCS charging standard,… Read more »

Albemarle to acquire lithium salt production assets in China

Specialty chemical firm Albemarle (NYSE: ALB) has signed an agreement to acquire the lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate conversion assets of Jiangxi Jiangli New Materials Science and Technology. The transaction, which is expected to close by the end of Q1 2017, includes manufacturing assets located in Jiangxi and Sichuan, China, focused on the production of… Read more »

Maxwell delivers ultracapacitor-based energy storage for Beijing subway system

Like cars, trains waste large amounts of energy during braking. Until now, however, there has been no practical way to recover this energy by using regenerative braking. Locomotives do not carry large batteries, and they are typically connected to an electrical grid that can’t handle quick bursts of energy. Ultracapacitors, which offer extremely high charge/discharge… Read more »

FMC plans to increase lithium hydroxide production to 30,000 metric tons

Chemical supplier FMC Corporation plans to accelerate the expansion of its global lithium hydroxide production capacity as a result of a new multi-year supply agreement with “a major manufacturer of electric vehicles.” Earlier, the company announced plans to triple capacity to serve the growing EV market. Now it has increased that objective even further, hoping… Read more »

FMC to triple lithium hydroxide capacity to serve the growing EV market

Citing the rapid growth of EV sales FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC) has announced plans to triple its production capacity of lithium hydroxide by 2019. The expansion will take place in three phases. FMC expects to reach a capacity of at least 30,000 metric tons by 2019, although it has the ability to adjust timing to… Read more »