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Was Britishvolt’s collapse the beginning of the end for the UK auto industry?

When Charged spoke with execs from aspiring battery manufacturer Britishvolt back in May of 2022, we were impressed by the company’s big ambitions and innovative ideas. We were very disappointed to hear of its recent demise, but not unduly surprised. As is typically the case in nascent industries, the attrition rate among EV-related companies is… Read more »

Retailers fear Minnesota legislation would allow utilities to corner EV charging market

Should electric utilities be allowed to own EV charging stations? In a free-market economy, it’s generally considered unhealthy for companies that produce a product or service to also own the distribution channels—that’s why liquor companies don’t own bars (in the US), and airlines don’t own airports. For an example of the evils that can result… Read more »

EV charging station data provider Eco-Movement closes Series A funding round

Eco-Movement, a Netherlands-based provider of EV charging station data, has closed a Series A funding round. Investors included Dutch VC firm Ponooc and Dow Jones, a well-known provider of news and business information. As an independent B2B data platform, Eco-Movement provides charge point location and pricing information to navigation providers, online maps and fleet operators…. Read more »

How to make heavy-duty electric trucks work in practice

Fleets tested Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 tractors for three years: Here’s what they learned. Large commercial trucks and other heavy equipment have run on diesel fuel for many decades now. Requirements for more aggressive emission after-treatment and the hardware to achieve that add cost and complexity for fleet operators. Rising fuel-economy standards during the… Read more »

Here’s why oil and gas companies are racing to invest billions in EV charging

As regular Charged readers know, oil companies have been on an EV charging spending spree. They’re getting into public charging in a big way, and it goes far beyond just installing chargers at their gas stations. Oil majors including bp, Shell and Total have been buying up companies at all points along the charging value… Read more »

Hyundai fuel cell trucks won’t be using green hydrogen after all

Governments around the world are dedicating taxpayer money to hydrogen projects, and these are invariably presented as using green hydrogen (produced by electrolysis using renewable energy). Hydrogen detractors often warn that, once these projects are funded, green hydrogen, which isn’t yet available at any scale, will prove impractical, and boosters will quietly switch to grey… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies launches supercapacitor/battery, joins coalition to electrify mining

Skeleton Technologies has introduced a new product that combines supercapacitors and batteries, and has joined a coalition of nine members, including Shell, that aims to electrify mining equipment. The SuperBattery doesn’t use any cobalt, copper, nickel or graphite. The company says it can last for 50,000 cycles. It is currently being used or tested in… Read more »

Bollinger Motors and Wabash to develop last-mile refrigerated delivery electric truck

Bollinger Motors (now a subsidiary of Mullen Automotive) has teamed up with truck body and trailer manufacturer Wabash to develop a refrigerated truck body on an electric chassis. Wabash has developed a lightweight composite technology called EcoNex Technology which it says will seamlessly integrate with Bollinger’s Class 4 electric chassis cab, and deliver significant weight… Read more »

TWAICE battery analytics platform promises enormously valuable insights at every point in a battery’s lifecycle

How healthy is your battery pack? As the old saw goes, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. As the EV ecosystem develops, there will be an increasing need to measure and manage the performance of battery cells. Cell manufacturers need a standardized way to evaluate test data for new cells; EV designers… Read more »