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BMW and EVgo expand ChargeNow program with 500 CCS DC fast chargers

As part of its ChargeNow DC Fast program, BMW of North America is supporting EVgo’s installation of an additional 500 DC Fast Combo chargers. The first phase of ChargeNow DC Fast saw the installation of 100 EVgo DC fast charging stations throughout California, which BMW i3 owners can access for free with their ChargeNow cards…. Read more »

EVgo partners with UC San Diego on vehicle-to-grid projects

Charging network operator NRG EVgo is leading two pilot projects at the University of California San Diego to study the potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. In the first project, EVgo has built a site to assess how owners of DC fast charging sites can use solar generation, battery storage and control systems to mitigate expensive… Read more »

NRG EVgo on the move: Its DC fast charging network passed major milestones (Full Interview)

Q&A with Arun Banskota and Brendan Jones. In the past year, the NRG EVgo network has quietly passed some major milestones in the EV charging industry. The company now has more public DC fast charging sites than anyone else – even more than Tesla’s vast Supercharger network. EVgo also has the highest number of CHAdeMO and… Read more »

EVgo is future-proofing its fast charging sites with the ability to double charging capacity

NRG EVgo has over 350 DC fast chargers in 19 markets – more than four times more than any other public network – as of May 2015. The company also lays claim to the most powerful network of CHAdeMO and CCS chargers in the US. While others are rolling out DC chargers in the 20… Read more »

EVgo’s fast charging network has doubled in size in the past eight months

NRG EVgo has quietly become one of the largest and fastest-growing DC fast charging networks in the US. In total, it’s currently operating more than 350 DC fast chargers in 19 markets – doubling in size in the past eight months. In fact, as of May 2015, it has over four times more CHAdeMO and… Read more »

Nissan North America’s EV Director, Brendan Jones, joins NRG EVgo

After more than 20 years with Nissan, Brendan Jones has joined NRG EVgo to help the company with its aggressive rollout of DC fast charger infrastructure. Most recently at Nissan, he served as Director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure Deployment. Charged has interviewed Jones several times over the past four years, and his passion… Read more »

NRG eVgo launches program to help renters charge EVs

Charging your EV is a snap if you live in a house with a garage, but for renters living in multifamily housing, it can be a deal-breaker. Charging network operator NRG eVgo, a subsidiary of NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG), intends to defuse this problem with its Take Charge program. The company is currently offering charging… Read more »

NRG eVgo charging network experiencing rapid growth, has big expansion plans

Noting that its customer base increased 20-fold in the last year, NRG eVgo, a subsidiary of NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) has announced plans to expand its network of DC fast chargers from 10 national markets to more than 25 over the next two years. eVgo has agreements with Nissan and BMW to provide EV buyers… Read more »

NRG eVgo installs 60 workplace charging stations for Sony Pictures

NRG eVgo has installed what it says is the largest corporate deployment of EV charging stations in Southern California – 60 Level 2 workplace charging stations at Sony Pictures Entertainment’s historic facility in Culver City. eVgo’s Ready for Electric Vehicle (REV) program provides workplaces with turnkey EV charging solutions, providing charger maintenance and driver support…. Read more »

eVgo to deploy chargers with integrated battery storage

EV charging stations are an amenity that can help businesses attract good-quality customers. However, site owners may find, especially with DC fast chargers, that power spikes can trigger expensive peak demand charges from their electric company. NRG eVgo has partnered with energy storage startup Green Charge Networks to add integrated battery storage to its growing… Read more »