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Researchers develop dendrite-free lithium films, an important step toward lithium metal anodes

There’s a lot of interest in using lithium metal as an anode material, because of its theoretical high capacity of 3,860 mAh g−1 (around ten times that of the graphite anodes used in typical Li-ion batteries). However, it doesn’t measure up in terms of cycle life and safety requirements, and one reason is the formation of… Read more »

Westwater Resources is building a facility in Alabama to process one of the largest graphite deposits in the US

Q&A with Jon Jacobs of Westwater Resources Everyone in the EV industry is talking about the IRA and the BIL, two sets of federal regulations that include strong incentives for automakers to establish domestic supply chains for EV raw materials and components. Not everyone is happy about the requirements, and there are a number of… Read more »

Sion Power’s Licerion lithium-metal battery technology now available for commercial evaluation

Sion Power has reported a major development milestone for its Licerion EV technology—the company has produced more than 18,000 multilayer, 6 Ah to 20 Ah lithium metal cells for commercial evaluation. Sion says Licerion EV delivers high energy density, enabling longer range with lighter and smaller batteries. Licerion EV technology incorporates Sion Power’s protected lithium… Read more »

GM leads $50-million funding round in EnergyX to develop US lithium supply

GM’s investment arm GM Ventures is leading a $50-million Series B financing round in Energy Exploration Technologies (EnergyX) and will develop the company’s lithium extraction and refinery technology.  EnergyX’s direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology can make lithium metal directly from brine, potentially in anode-ready form for EV batteries—enabling cost-effective and sustainable lithium recovery. This could… Read more »

Sakuu and Livent develop printable lithium formulation for 3D printed batteries

Solid-state battery pioneer Sakuu has announced promising results from its ongoing testing of a novel printable lithium formulation from Livent for use in Sakuu’s 3D printed batteries. Livent’s LIOVIX platform includes applications for pre-lithiation and lithium metal anode manufacturing. In February, Sakuu announced successful 3D printing of patterned cells that used Livent’s LIOVIX printable lithium… Read more »

Sakuu announces successful 3D printing of patterned batteries

Additive manufacturing and solid-state battery specialist Sakuu says it has successfully and consistently achieved 3D printing of fully functional batteries in custom shapes and sizes. The batteries were printed as patterned cells containing patterned openings for thermal management on Sakuu’s Silicon Valley battery pilot line—an important step in developing the company’s Kavian platform for the… Read more »

QuantumScape ships first 24-layer prototype battery cells to auto OEMs

Battery developer QuantumScape (NYSE: QS) has shipped its first 24-layer prototype lithium-metal battery cells to automotive OEMs for testing. The company calls the delivery of these A0 samples its key public milestone for the year, and says it represents an important step toward the commercialization of this technology. With the sample cells, the OEMs can… Read more »

Sion Power to expand lithium-metal battery manufacturing operations in Tucson, Arizona

Large-format lithium-metal battery developer Sion Power has announced plans to expand its existing manufacturing operations in Tucson, Arizona. The expansion is expected to be complete by 2026 and create over 150 jobs, primarily in engineering and other manufacturing-related positions. The overall economic impact of the expansion is expected to be $341 million over the next… Read more »

Li-ion battery pack prices rise for first time, to $151/kWh

Lithium-ion battery prices have been dropping for so long that industry players and pundits tend to factor ever-cheaper cells into their predictions, and many have made (dubious) comparisons to Moore’s Law, one of the core tenets of the computer industry. Now, thanks to rising raw material and battery component prices, along with more general inflation,… Read more »

University of Michigan to open ceramic ion conductor research center

Ceramic ion conductors for batteries and fuel cells will be the focus of a new research center at the University of Michigan. A four-year DOE grant of $10.95 million will enable UMich to establish a DOE Energy Frontier Research Center for the study of Mechano-chemical Understanding of Solid Ion Conductors (MUSIC), and perform research in… Read more »