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Plug-in sales drop with the temperature – LEAF fails to set new record, Volt buyers wait for the new model

January has always been a slow month for EV sales, and this month didn’t fail to disappoint. Monthly sales of 5,924 barely bested last January’s figure. A new generation of vastly-improved plug-ins is in sight, so a lot of buyers may be opting to wait a bit, and those rock-bottom gas prices probably aren’t helping…. Read more »

VW to include CCS fast charging on all future plug-in vehicles (PHEVs too?)

Like the other German and US automakers, Volkswagen has signed on to the SAE-sanctioned CCS standard for DC fast charging. CCS fast charging capability is included with the new e-Golf. Last week in Detroit, Michael Horn, Volkswagen’s US CEO, told Green Car Reports that it plans to include fast charging on all its future plug-in… Read more »

2014 plug-in sales post 23% gain over 2013 as Tesla takes the lead and Mercedes and VW enter the race

2014 was another year of steady growth for EV sales. Some 12,874 plug-ins were sold in the US in December, a healthy gain compared to December 2013. For the full year, sales are up 23%. The Tesla Model S passed the LEAF and Volt to slide into the lead (doubtless thanks to the new P85D’s… Read more »

Audi releases details of 2016 Q7 diesel PHEV

Audi has released some details of the 2016 Q7 crossover, which will be offered in a diesel plug-in hybrid version. The new Q7 is built on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB-Evo platform for large cars with longitudinal engines. Audi says high-tech materials have allowed it to reduce the vehicle’s weight by over 700 pounds compared to… Read more »

Voltabox begins building Li-ion battery packs in Texas

Three Li-ion battery chemistries, the speed of its software and hardware systems configuration and the automotive legacy of Voltabox make this newly-landed American spin-off company a player in the realm of rechargeable batteries for public transit and heavy industrial vehicles. Austin, Texas is known for many things: music festivals, barbequed ribs, the Texas Longhorns, filmmaker… Read more »

Ford may bring its plug-in hybrid models to Europe

Ford may start selling PHEVs in Europe, following the lead of rival Volkswagen Group. Ford’s Fusion Energi and C-MAX Energi PHEVs have been pretty popular in the US market, but the company hasn’t launched plug-ins in Europe because of what it sees as low demand. However, this week, Uli Koesters, Ford’s Vehicle Line Director for… Read more »

VW plans to launch more than 20 plug-ins in China

The plug-in party is in full swing in China, as the government pushes “new energy vehicles” as a solution to choking air pollution. The Volkswagen Group plans to be a major player, launching more than 20 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in China by the end of 2018. By 2020 there could be “some hundred… Read more »

Will European drivers warm to hybrids?

Hybrids, with or without plugs, are comparatively rare on European roads, but Automotive News believes that’s about to change, as EU limits on CO2 emissions become stricter, forcing Continental automakers to electrify. German and French automakers dominate the market in Europe, and diesels have long been their chosen solution, accounting for half of new-car sales… Read more »

Fraunhofer Institute presents November workshop on lithium-sulfur batteries

The Fraunhofer Institute will hold its third annual workshop on lithium-sulfur batteries in Dresden, Germany, on November 12 and 13. Lithium-sulfur is a leading contender for the battery chemistry of the future, and Fraunhofer believes that novel materials such as nanostructured carbon/sulfur composite cathodes, solid electrolytes and alloy-based anodes will significantly enhance performance. Dr Oliver… Read more »