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PowerCo says its new cell production procedure saves huge amounts of energy and floor space

Volkswagen Group-owned battery manufacturer PowerCo SE plans to introduce a new battery cell manufacturing method in its plants in Europe and North America. PowerCo predicts that its new Dry Coating procedure may save 30% of energy consumption and 15% of floor area, saving hundreds of millions of euros annually.  According to a Joint Development Agreement,… Read more »

Microchip launches E-Fuse Demonstrator to protect power electronics in EVs

US IC manufacturer Microchip Technology has released a high-voltage circuit protection board for 400-800 V batteries with a current rating of up to 30 amps for hybrid and electric vehicles. Due to its high-voltage solid-state architecture and silicon carbide (SiC) technology, the six-variant E-Fuse Demonstrator Board can detect and interrupt fault currents in microseconds, which… Read more »

Researchers create room-temperature 1,000+ cycle solid-state Li-air battery

Researchers from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Argonne National Laboratory, and University of Illinois at Chicago say they have created a room-temperature solid-state lithium-air battery that is rechargeable for 1,000 cycles, has a minimal polarization gap, and operates at high rates. In “A room temperature rechargeable Li2O-based lithium-air battery enabled by a solid electrolyte,” published… Read more »

Maserati’s first fully-electric car powered by three Marelli 800 V motors

Italian automotive supplier Marelli developed and manufactured the three e-motors used in the new Maserati GranTurismo Folgore, and also provided its proprietary Adaptive Driving Beam Matrix LED headlamps and Telematic Control Unit connectivity system. The 800 V motors, which were developed over a two-year span and produced at Marelli’s Modugno plant in Bari, Italy, supply… Read more »

Ilika leads £8.2-million collaboration with industry experts to develop  automotive solid-state battery

British solid-state battery manufacturer Ilika Technologies is leading a 24-month, £8.2-million Faraday Battery Challenge collaboration project. Code-named HISTORY, the project’s focus is on integrating high-silicon-content electrodes into the company’s Goliath solid-state battery in order to enable automotive-level performance. Ilika will receive a grant of £2.8 million from the project and will partner with the manufacturer… Read more »

LiNa Energy demonstrates dynamic containment with its solid-state sodium batteries

LiNa Energy, a developer of solid-state sodium batteries, has successfully completed an independent demonstration of its batteries for energy storage systems. In the test, a 1 kW / 1 kWh LiNa system performed dynamic containment. This is a key revenue stream for battery energy storage systems in the UK, which requires rapid injection and absorption… Read more »

Geotab and Atom Power partner on new EV fleet charging management platform

IoT and connected transportation specialist Geotab has partnered with Atom Power to add complex fleet analytics to Geotab’s fleet management platform. Atom Power’s EV charging platform includes a proprietary UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker that’s designed to increase charging capacity, as well as an integrated energy management system that enables continuous monitoring, metering and management… Read more »

Delta Electronics demonstrates 400 kW solid-state transformer-based EV charger

Delta Electronics (Americas) demonstrated a next-generation SiC MOSFET solid-state transformer-based 400 kW EV charger at a recent event attended by representatives of project partners GM, DTE Energy and NextEnergy. Delta’s “extreme fast” EV charger uses a three-phase 13.8 kV medium-voltage SiC MOSFET SST topology. It provides 500 A of charging current, and the company claims… Read more »

Toyota is the global leader in solid-state battery patents

It’s common for companies to espouse green policies in public, while privately pursuing opposite goals—but Toyota turns this familiar equation on its head. Other automakers tout their enthusiasm for EVs to the media, while pushing gas-guzzling SUVs to their customers. Toyota’s leaders speak against EVs in public, and the company actively lobbies against government support… Read more »

Eaton consolidates commercial and light-duty EV products into new business unit

The Vehicle Group of power management company Eaton has consolidated its EV transmissions, gearing and differentials into a new ePowertrain business unit. Eaton provides 2-, 4- and 6-speed transmissions for commercial EVs, which enable clutchless shifting through a traction motor. The company says that, in comparison to the direct-drive transmissions common in EVs, its multi-speed… Read more »