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Echo Automotive aims for the plug-in fleet sweet spot

The commercial fleet market is one of the most exciting frontiers in the electromobility revolution, not only because of the enormous potential for fuel savings, but because it offers opportunities for a smaller company, which can hope to carve out a lucrative niche developing a powertrain solution, without the need to build the sort of… Read more »

BC Hydro pushes for a timely fast charger rollout

BC Hydro is the electricity supplier for about 95 percent of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It’s government-owned and vertically integrated, meaning that the company owns and operates everything from production and transmission to distribution to customers. The company’s 30 hydroelectric facilities meet 78 percent of its electricity requirements, with the balance coming from… Read more »

California Energy Commission awards $6 million for EV charging and V2G projects

The California Energy Commission has approved three alternative fuel infrastructure projects totaling more than $6 million. The investments, which were funded through the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP), include: EV charging: Ten grants totaling more than $3.5 million for 181 EV charging stations to be installed along California highway corridors, and… Read more »

New study: government EV incentives effective…in most cases

How effective are government incentives at encouraging EV adoption? Very, according to a white paper from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), but they don’t tell the whole story. The new report, written by Peter Mock and Zifei Yang, details the differences in pro-plug-in fiscal policies across eleven major auto markets. It quantifies taxation… Read more »

DOE to award up to $10 million for Zero Emission Cargo Transport projects

The DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has issued a funding opportunity announcement (DE-FOA-0001106) to award up to $10 million for projects to accelerate electrification of the cargo transport sector, a worthy mission that has been dubbed Zero Emission Cargo Transport (ZECT). ZECT technologies are defined as those that produce zero emissions from a cargo-carrying… Read more »

Report: The effects of fuel economy and emissions regulations on the automotive sector

By Jeffrey Wishart, a Senior Project Engineer at Intertek, conducts research and development on products and services in the areas of energy, the environment, and advanced transportation. In addition to his supervisory position at Intertek, Dr. Wishart worked for several years at ETEC LABS (the research and consulting division of ECOtality) and at a utility company… Read more »

Tom Gage on ZEV mandates, Tesla’s early days, BMW’s EV commitment and V2G tech

Q&A with the EV trailblazer Tom Gage Tom Gage is one of America’s true EV pioneers. He’s perhaps best known as one of the designers of the tzero electric sports car that provided the inspiration for the Tesla Roadster. However, that is far from his only contribution to the electric mobility field. Charged recently caught up… Read more »

Pot Daimler calls kettle Tesla black re fast charging standards

It seems that not everyone is enchanted by Tesla’s plans to install 40 to 50 Supercharger stations in Germany by the end of 2014. Carmaker Daimler and parts supplier Robert Bosch recently criticized the American company for pursuing its own proprietary DC charging standard. “The future lies in standardization. As with gas stations, we need… Read more »

Seattle-Tacoma Airport electrifies ground support equipment

Airport ground support equipment (GSE) such as baggage tugs, bag ramps and pushback vehicles represents a category of vehicles that’s ripe for electrification. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has taken a major step towards converting its GSE, a project that’s projected to save $2.8 million in fuel costs and 10,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year…. Read more »

Lean and mean: The EV charging pioneers at ClipperCreek

A straightforward look at the EVSE market from the charging pioneers at ClipperCreek In a charging station industry filled with multinational conglomerates and 100-year-old automotive suppliers, the independent company ClipperCreek stands out. Relatively speaking, it has had a long history in the EVSE industry – a history that has shaped some definite views of the… Read more »