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Telefonix makes the case for free Level 1 workplace charging

Everyone who watches the sketch comedy show Portlandia knows that the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland. Our dream of the 90s was vehicle electrification, and we hoped the GM EV-1 would kick-start the trend more than a decade before the Tesla Roadster actually did it. Well, the vehicle electrification dream is alive… Read more »

Hyundai joins the plug-in club with the 2016 Sonata PHEV

Around the world, automakers are facing ever-tightening emissions regulations, and they understand very well that improving the efficiency of their internal-combustion engines isn’t going to be enough to bring them into compliance. Each OEM has crafted its own strategy to reduce the average emissions of its fleet. Hyundai has opted for an “all-in strategy,” developing… Read more »

Carlos Ghosn talks EVs: Governments may be leading now, but consumers will follow

There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether automakers that aren’t named Tesla are truly committed to zero-emission vehicles. Yes, they’re building EVs, but many observers believe that this has more to do with government regulations than customer demand – a controversial article in The Detroit News recently made this point. At the North… Read more »

Zero Motorcycles was forced to abandon DC fast charging option in 2013, Interoperability testing is needed

Editor’s note: After this article appeared in print, we received some feedback suggesting that the thesis is not clear enough. So, we’d like to point out a few things at the beginning. Today’s DC Fast Charging installations are very reliable. If you buy a production EV, such as a Nissan LEAF or BMW i3, it is unlikely that you will… Read more »

IEEE addresses need for better DC Fast Charging standards

Standards and certifications may seem less sexy than the latest sleek electric supercar, or controversy about emerging energy-storage technologies, but better standards and certifications, especially for DC Fast Charging, are critical. A common DC Fast Charging certification process for interoperability is sorely needed but, in part because the big automakers have funded most of the fast… Read more »

Enterprise adds 14 Volts to Orlando car rental fleet

Visitors to one of the world’s top tourist destinations now have the option to drive electric. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has added 14 Volts to its Orlando car rental fleet. EVs have a high profile in Florida’s tourism capital, thanks partly to Drive Electric Orlando, a local organization that partners with the major theme parks and over… Read more »

Portland Airport installs 42 Telefonix Level 1 EV charging stations

Airports around the world are installing EVSE, and at least one has decided that Level 1 charging is the most logical choice. Portland International Airport (PDX) has installed 42 Level 1 PowerPost EV charging stations, manufactured by Telefonix (profiled in the February 2014 issue of Charged). PDX chose the PowerPost because of its integrated, retractable… Read more »

New study assesses top US metro markets for EVs

A new white paper from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) examines EV penetration in the 25 most populous US metropolitan areas, together with actions taken by state and local governments and public utilities to promote EVs. “Assessment of Leading Electric Vehicle Promotion Activities in United States Cities” finds that the top US EV… Read more »

NRG EVgo on the move: Its DC fast charging network passed major milestones (Full Interview)

Q&A with Arun Banskota and Brendan Jones. In the past year, the NRG EVgo network has quietly passed some major milestones in the EV charging industry. The company now has more public DC fast charging sites than anyone else – even more than Tesla’s vast Supercharger network. EVgo also has the highest number of CHAdeMO and… Read more »

Chinese and US agencies work together on EV-related standards

Some 75 experts from China and the US recently convened to discuss their work on standardization programs related to EVs. The focus of the workshop was cooperation on standards, conformance, and training programs among industry and government players. The workshop was organized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the China Automotive Technology and… Read more »