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Audi plans to offer full range of e-trons – with wireless charging?

Audi’s TT Offroad concept PHEV, presented at the recent Beijing auto show, showcased several interesting features, including the Volkswagen Group’s modular transverse matrix system, and a powertrain with two electric motors and 408 total horsepower. However, as Business Insider reports, most of the media buzz has been about Audi’s Wireless Charging technology, which the business… Read more »

Audi shows off an e-tron quattro in Detroit

Audi’s all-road shooting brake show car, which is on display at this week’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, highlights what the company calls “a new form of quattro drive – the e-tron quattro.” The compact crossover has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that delivers 300 kW (408 hp) of system power and system… Read more »

Audi’s R8 e-tron will have digital rear-view mirror, no rear window

Rear-view mirrors could soon go the way of hand-cranked windows, push-button radios and cigarette lighters. Audi plans to use a digital rear-view mirror in its R8 e-tron, which is due to go into small-scale production at the end of this year. This model has no rear window, and hence no conventional rear-view mirror. A color… Read more »

VIDEO: Audi develops simulated engine sounds for future e-tron models

Silence is one of the wonderful things about EVs – until you get blindsided by one at a crosswalk. Recognizing the danger that silent-running vehicles pose to cyclists and pedestrians, governments around the world have mandated that EVs emit warning sounds, and most automakers now incorporate some sort of virtual engine sound into their EVs… Read more »

VIDEO: Audi announces its A3 e-tron pilot program

On Monday, the opening day of TED2012, Audi presented the battery-electric Audi A3 e-tron pilot program, which will be implemented in select cities of the U.S. as a part of the company’s e-mobility driver experience for premium car buyers. Why the slow roll out? We asked Brad Stertz, Audi’s corporate communications manager. “Our program is… Read more »

Test fleet of Audi A1 e-tron PHEVs hits the road in Munich

20 of Audi’s new A1 e-trons will take to the Autobahnen and Strassen around Munich, Germany in a major fleet trial jointly sponsored by Audi, Munich Technical University and the local electric utility. Part of the financing comes from the German Ministry of Transport, which has provided 10 million Euros for pilot EV projects in the region. The power… Read more »

Goodyear introduces ElectricDrive 2 for EVs

Goodyear Tire & Rubber has unveiled the latest tire in its ElectricDrive family. The Goodyear ElectricDrive 2, an all-season EV tire, is designed to maximize EV performance–it features improved rolling resistance and long tread life, according to the company. It has an aerodynamic sidewall and a compound lower aerodynamic drag. The tire features SoundComfort technology,… Read more »

TRW’s Electronic Brake Booster enters EV aftermarket

Automotive supplier ZF has introduced a TRW-branded braking system to expand its range of spare parts for EVs. The Electronic Brake Booster was initially used as original equipment for the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4 and ID.Buzz, but it is now available to the independent aftermarket for the ID.5, Audi Q4 e-tron, Skoda Enyak and Cupra Born… Read more »

WiTricity and ABT partner to offer wireless EV charging in Europe

Wireless charging pioneer WiTricity has partnered with ABT e-Line, a provider of aftermarket automotive solutions, to deliver aftermarket wireless EV charging solutions in Europe. ABT e-Line will initially upgrade the VW ID.4 to support WiTricity’s wireless charging system. Availability is targeted for early 2024. ABT e-Line plans to extend wireless charging capability to additional EVs,… Read more »

Norway has another electrifying year in 2022—10 top-selling cars were all EVs

Norway is the undisputed global capital of e-mobility. Private cars, taxis, buses, ferries, airport ground equipment—they’re all plugging in. The trend of steady electrification continued last year. The market share of plug-in vehicles rose from 65 percent in 2021 to 80 percent in 2022. This represents an important step towards reaching the country’s goal climate goal… Read more »