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EV battery testing: Increase lab efficiency and minimize total cost of ownership

OEMs, battery designers and manufacturers, as well as test facilities, face increasing challenges in battery development, testing, and validation. Due to a growing number of devices under test (DUT), test laboratories for cells, modules or packs are becoming larger and more complex. There are many levers to increase efficiency and thus to minimize total cost… Read more »

Swiss city of Basel orders 62 electric buses from Mercedes and Hess

The city of Basel, located on the Rhine at the confluence of Switzerland, Germany and France, plans to fully electrify its bus routes, and power them with 100% renewable energy, by 2027. Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB)’s fleet currently includes 115 buses serving 14 routes (there are also 135 trams serving 9 lines). The city’s latest tender… Read more »

Predicting And Preventing Thermal Runaway In EV Battery Systems By Utilizing A Unique Measurement System

The precise knowledge of thermal behavior and temperature curves is a prerequisite for the further development of high-performance, high-voltage battery systems. To accomplish this, several hundred temperature measurement points are needed throughout the battery assembly, including between the cells. Traditionally this has been an instrumentation challenge as the enormous quantity of sensors and their signal… Read more »

Optimizing EV Powertrain Through Innovative Measurement Equipment

EV powertrains have to be tested during many development phases, and the system’s overall efficiency is a major contributor to consumer buying criteria. However, the measurement of electrical power consumed throughout the entire vehicle (powertrain, converters, HVAC system, BMS system, etc) as well as for the generation of mechanical power becomes an instrumentation challenge due… Read more »

WAFIOS SpeedFormer three-in-one bending concept for motor hairpin production

WAFIOS has introduced the SpeedFormer, a new approach to the production of hairpins for electric motors, which unites three wire and tube bending techniques into one system.  WAFIOS modified and optimized a previously used technique for simple hairpin bends in order to improve production speeds. The company developed and patented a second bending technique, based… Read more »

Over 50 free EV engineering sessions confirmed: Charged Virtual Conference starts in two weeks

The Spring 2021 sessions list for the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering is out now. Just like the content Charged brings you every day, conference topics will span the entire EV engineering supply chain and ecosystem including motor and power electronics design and manufacturing, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection,… Read more »