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NOHMs raises $5 million to commercialize non-flammable liquid-based electrolytes

NOHMs Technologies (Nano Organic Hybrid Materials), a Cornell University spin-out founded in 2010, has raised $5 million in Series B venture capital financing to commercialize its non-flammable battery electrolyte technology. NOHMs has developed a family of ionic liquid-containing electrolytes that are stable above 4.5 volts in lithium-ion cells. The two electrolyte product lines currently under… Read more »

SiNode Systems wins $4-million contract to develop silicon-graphene anode materials

The United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) has awarded a $4-million contract to SiNode Systems for the development of advanced anode materials for automotive lithium-ion batteries. The 30-month program will focus on the development of silicon-graphene anode material for vehicle applications, and the development and scale-up of pouch cells. SiNode’s technology uses a composite of… Read more »

NOHMs wins $1.64-million contract to develop ionic liquid-based electrolytes

The United States Advanced Battery Consortium has awarded a $1.64-million contract to Rochester-based NOHMs (Nano Organic Hybrid Materials) Technologies for the development of electrolytes for lithium-ion battery applications. The 18-month program will focus on ionic liquid-based electrolyte and co-solvent combinations that exhibit high ionic conductivity and stability for application in 4.6-5.0-volt lithium-ion batteries. Founded in… Read more »

Leyden Energy’s Li-imide electrolyte and the rise of start-stop vehicles

Battery start-up Leyden Energy plans to profit from the forecasted groundswell at the bottom of the electrification ladder: start-stop vehicles The average person may see the trademarked Li-imide logo and rush to the nearest convenience store to try a tangy new soft drink. However, you, being a somewhat chemistry-savvy electric vehicle enthusiast, know that Li-imide’s likely… Read more »