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Volvo and University of Minnesota to conduct extreme weather field testing on Volvo VNR electric trucks

Volvo Trucks North America is working with the University of Minnesota (UMN) to conduct extreme weather testing for its Class 8 VNR Electric model to analyze the impact of ambient temperature on a truck’s battery life. UMN has teamed up with Murphy Logistics Solutions to test the trucks in Minnesota in winter temperatures and H-E-B… Read more »

DOE awards grant to NCSU and ComEd for extreme fast charging research

The DOE has awarded a $200,000 grant to North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) FREEDM Systems Center and electric utility ComEd for a research project aimed at boosting the efficiency of—and decreasing the cost of—extreme fast charging (XFC). The total budget for the project is $5 million, which includes cost sharing from other collaborators. “The goal… Read more »

How Williams Advanced Engineering built “the world’s most extreme battery”

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) has been a battery supplier to the Formula E electric racing championship since 2014. Now the legendary engineering firm is the sole powertrain developer for the new Extreme E off-road championship. WAE Principal Engineer Glen Pascoe recently discussed the challenges of creating a battery that can power Extreme E’s enormous Odyssey… Read more »

DOE awards $19 million for extreme fast charging research

The DOE is awarding $19 million in funding to 12 cost-shared research projects focused on “extreme fast charging,” which is defined as a system with power levels up to 400 kW and typical charging times of 15 minutes or less. Nine of the selected projects focus on advanced anodes, electrolytes, and battery cell designs: UC… Read more »

DOE to award up to $15 million for extreme fast charging

The DOE will award up to $15 million in a new funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001808) to encourage the development of what it calls “extreme fast charging” (XFC). The objective is to develop technology that can recharge a battery in half the time of current fast charging systems. The new FOA includes two Areas of Interest: XFC… Read more »

ClipperCreek HCS-40 charging station offers “Ruggedized” option for extreme conditions

The HCS-40, ClipperCreek’s best-selling Level 2 charging station, is now available with a “Ruggedized” option, for stations that are subject to damage by extreme weather or other perils. The ruggedization consists of a rubber overmolded J1772 connector and a field-replaceable connector latch. The American made HCS-40R and HCS-40PR operate at 32 amps and 7.7 kW,… Read more »

South 8 and NanoGraf to produce batteries using liquefied gas electrolyte for the US Army

Battery tech firms South 8 Technologies and NanoGraf are collaborating to develop higher-capacity, safer and lighter batteries for the US Army. Under a $6.4-million subcontract with NanoGraf, South 8 will develop a high-rate injection system for its LiGas electrolyte to bolster domestic production of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. Today’s soldiers lug around massive amounts of Li-ion… Read more »

Mining giants agree BEVs are the best choice for mining equipment

Mining involves some of the most extreme energy requirements of any industrial process. To extract the minerals needed to power our technological lifestyle, billions of tons of rock have to be dug up, transported, crushed and processed, generally at remote locations. Regardless of what the “We love EVs, but…” crowd incessantly claims, the transition to… Read more »

EV Charger Manufacturing: The Importance Of Incorporating Highly Reliable And Durable Electronics Manufacturing

The need for durable, highly reliable electronics plays a major role for all EV charging manufacturers. In this webinar, we will discuss areas of the manufacturing process that need to be considered for the electronics that are incorporated into these charging units. These units will need to withstand high voltage/current, coupled with extreme environmental changes… Read more »

New Formula G all-electric racing series offers a development path for young drivers

Every professional sport has its farm system: baseball players progress from the Little League through the minor leagues to the bigs; high school football players compete for college scholarships and a shot at the NFL, etc. Dilbagh Gill, the former Mahindra Racing Formula E Team Principal, saw that this development path was lacking in the… Read more »