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Jaguar announces plan to electrify by 2025

The iconic British car brand Jaguar became the latest automaker to reveal a plan to phase out fossil-fuel engines, announcing its intention to go fully electric by 2025. Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by Indian conglomerate Tata Motors, hopes the move will help repair the fortunes of the struggling 86-year-old Jaguar brand. JLR said… Read more »

Oil giant Total acquires London charging network

Total, along with fellow European oil giants BP and Shell, has been buying up assets all along the EV charging value chain. Now we learn that Total has acquired a major UK charging network, Source London, which operates over 1,600 on-street charging points in London. Total acquired Source London from the French Bolloré Group, which… Read more »

Indianapolis EV-sharing project folds after four years

In 2015, French conglomerate the Bolloré Group opened an all-EV car-sharing service called BlueIndy in Indianapolis. Alas, BlueIndy announced plans to close last December, and terminated operations in May. “This difficult decision to end the service has been made because we did not reach the level of activity required to be economically viable,” said BlueIndy… Read more »

Solid-state battery tech: What’s close to commercialization, and what’s still years away?

With a fresh round of funding, Wildcat Discovery Technologies is busy expanding its facilities, building up its battery team and doubling down on promising solid-state research projects. We asked the energy storage experts to help clear up the hype around solid-state batteries. Whenever Charged needs to better understand the complexities of the latest and greatest battery… Read more »

Singapore electric tram charges in 20 seconds

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Bolloré subsidiary BlueSG have launched a 22-seat electric shuttle that will be able to recharge in 20 seconds at stations while passengers board. The NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle is based on Bolloré’s Bluetram vehicle. Equipped with supercapacitors and an LMP battery developed by Blue Solutions, it has a range of… Read more »

Electric car sharing service opens in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is becoming something of an EV hotspot. The all-electric car sharing service BlueIndy opened for business this week. BlueIndy is owned by the Bolloré Group, a French conglomerate that operates car sharing services in several other cities, including the successful Autolib in Paris. The new car sharing service uses the Bluecar, a two-door hatchback… Read more »

France moves to unify charging networks

As more and more French drivers go electric, public charging stations are proliferating – the country currently has around 9,400 – but so are charging networks, each requiring its own subscription and payment method. Now the French government plans to make things easier for consumers by requiring network operators to unify some of their features… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies raises €9.8 million in Series B, aims to make ultracapacitors the future for EVs

Estonian/German ultracapacitor maker Skeleton Technologies has raised Series B financing of €9.8 million ($10.7 million) from a consortium that includes electrical equipment manufacturer Harju Elekter Group and Baltic investment firm UP Invest. The company plans to use the funds to ramp up production of its graphene-based ultracapacitors. Customers include hybrid truck manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers,… Read more »

London charging network in a muddle as stakeholders squabble

The city of London has ambitions to be an EV capital. Under the leadership of Mayor Boris Johnson, a proponent of electromobility, the capital of Cool Britannia is sponsoring trials of electric buses and cabs, and began building a public charging network in 2011. Public charging is especially important in London, as three quarters of… Read more »

France to build nationwide EV charging network, phase out diesel cars

French industrial giant Bolloré plans to invest 150 million euros over the next four years to build a network of 16,000 public charging points across the country. Economy and Finance Minister Emmanuel Macron said that Bolloré may be granted tax relief for installing the charging stations on public highways. “Through a private initiative with public… Read more »