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A closer look at the losses in power semiconductors

A previous article examined loss mechanisms in traction motors, which tend to be the single biggest source of losses in a modern EV drivetrain. This time, the focus is on the various power semiconductors, as they are the next biggest source of losses. Also covered in brief are ways to mitigate these losses and design… Read more »

Report: Transportation and stationary storage battery demand will surpass consumer electronics by next year

Consumer electronics have traditionally driven the demand for energy storage devices, but transportation and stationary applications will soon become the largest storage markets, according to Lux Research. By 2025 the energy storage market will top $100 billion, with applications in transportation alone reaching $69 billion, Lux forecasts. The highest growth rate will be in stationary… Read more »

Port of LA demonstrates net-zero marine terminal with electrified cargo handling equipment

Ports are major sources of air pollution, but fortunately they are also excellent candidates for electrification. The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been testing various types of electrified vehicles for several years. Now the Port of Los Angeles has launched the Green Omni Terminal Demonstration Project, a full-scale, real-time demonstration of… Read more »

Study: Electric buses earn 82% more profit than diesel buses

Cities around the world are investigating the potential of electric transit buses to reduce costs and improve air quality. The latest is Bangalore, India’s high-tech hub, which recently tested what it says are the country’s first electric buses. Electric buses’ greater energy efficiency compared to legacy diesel vehicles (and even CNG buses) has already been… Read more »

Motorola invests in magnesium-ion battery startup Pellion

Motorola Solutions has invested an unspecified amount in Pellion Technologies, a startup that was founded by a team of MIT researchers. Pellion is focused on commercializing magnesium-ion battery technology. Because magnesium is divalent, it can displace double the charge per ion that lithium can, and the element is more abundant and more stable. Magnesium-ion batteries… Read more »

Volkswagen working on automated DC charging

EV drivers are demanding more range, and automakers are responding. However, as several observers have noted, this will introduce a new set of challenges. Better batteries can hold more energy, and consumers certainly don’t want longer charging times, so higher charging power levels will be required. That, in turn, will require thicker (or perhaps liquid-cooled)… Read more »

New study: Nighttime EV charging may increase carbon footprint (Updated)

The question of the “long tailpipe” is a fraught one: does an EV deliver lower carbon emissions than a legacy vehicle if the electricity comes from dirty coal? The latest study to address the issue comes from Carnegie Mellon University, and it includes a couple of surprising new findings. “Regional Variability and Uncertainty of Electric Vehicle… Read more »

Researchers move another step closer to Li-air batteries

A team from Delft University in the Netherlands and the University of Waterloo in Canada has used operando X-ray diffraction to show that oxidation of electrochemically generated lithium peroxide (Li2O2) in high-energy-density Li-air batteries occurs in two stages, but in only one step for commercial (crystalline) Li2O2. In a paper published in the Journal of… Read more »