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Leonine Volvo plug-in coupé to prowl in Frankfurt

Volvo’s Concept Coupé, which will debut at September’s Frankfurt Auto Show, is the first of a series of three concept cars that will use the company’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). So far, Volvo’s announcements about the new concept have featured plenty of braggadocio… “Think about the powerful calmness of a lion. He doesn’t have… Read more »

Fiat selects AeroVironment as its preferred charging station provider

Fiat has selected AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) as the preferred provider and installer of home charging stations for its new 500e.  Fiat is the fifth EV manufacturer to choose AeroVironment as its home charging partner. To date, the company has deployed more than 12,000 charging stations in North America. The Fiat-branded, UL-listed Level 2 charging station can… Read more »

Europe to ban CHAdeMO fast charging, and/or fast jumping to conclusions

InsideEVs recently ran an article with the provocative headline “European Parliament Prepares Draft Calling for Termination of CHAdeMO in Europe.” To anyone who’s been following the European fast charging standards “war” (or “issue” for those of a calmer disposition), this certainly sounds like a crazy idea. Predictably, this scare story generated dozens of reader comments… Read more »

Viennese electric buses charge from existing overhead wires

Many cities around the world are experimenting with electric buses. A system for quickly recharging along the route is a highly desirable feature, as it allows batteries to be smaller. Systems currently being tested in Geneva and Sweden use an automated arm on top of the bus that connects to an overhead flash charger. In… Read more »

ABB to build nationwide charging network in the Netherlands

Fastned, a Dutch operator of EV charging stations, has chosen Switzerland-based ABB to build an extensive network of fast chargers in the Netherlands. Once completed, the 200+ station network will put all 16.7 million Dutch residents within 50 kilometers of a charging station. Each station will feature a solar canopy, and will be equipped with… Read more »

Juicy details about the BMW i3

BMW has released a vast wealth of details about its upcoming i3 EV, and there’s plenty here for auto pundits to discuss before the official unveiling, which is scheduled for July 29. The i3 embodies several milestones – it’s the first EV to offer an optional range extender engine, it features a unique carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic… Read more »

OCPP: There’s definitely confusion, but is there controversy?

Reporting on the charging industry is a tough gig. It’s incredibly nuanced. Every question we ask the experts leads to three more questions. It turns out that when you take hardware, software, networks, protocols and panels, then mix in some public funding, you get endless opinions.  We’ll attempt to clarify two issues in the thick… Read more »

VIDEO: Tesla demonstrates Model S battery swap

Tesla’s entire business model is built on succeeding where others have failed, so it was perhaps inevitable that it would make a go of the controversial process of battery swapping. Proponents say swapping eliminates one of the major objections to EVs: long charge times. Skeptics say it’s a complicated and cumbersome way to address an… Read more »

GM and BMW Engineers team up to test SAE Combo Fast Charging

Engineers from GM and BMW have jointly tested several charging stations that use the new SAE Combo standard, charging pre-production versions of the BMW i3 and Chevrolet Spark EV. Equipment suppliers who participated in the testing include ABB, Aker Wade, Eaton and IES. “Our goal with this cooperation was to ensure that DC fast charging… Read more »