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GM developing next-generation power inverter

GM is developing a next-generation power inverter capable of 55 kW peak/30 kW continuous power. According to GM’s Sean Gleason, who gave a presentation on the project at the DOE’s Annual Merit Review, GM is almost two-thirds of the way through the $16.6-million project ($6 million of the funding support came from the DOE), which… Read more »

Battery maker Boston-Power secures $250 million in funding, will increase production capacity

Battery maker Boston-Power is closing on a new investment round of $250 million from investors in China and elsewhere, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Venture Capital Dispatch blog. The company was founded in Massachusetts, but moved most of its operations to China in 2011. It currently sells batteries to the Beijing Electric Vehicle Company…. Read more »

Tesla first-quarter results: good news, but not enough to impress Wall Street

There was a lot to like in Tesla’s first-quarter results, announced after the stock market close on Wednesday. Revenue and earnings both beat analysts’ projections, and the company reported steady progress on all fronts, from China to Model X to the Gigafactory. So, did TSLA stock soar in response to the good news? It did… Read more »

Tesla opens 100th Supercharger site in NJ, expands to new manufacturing facility in CA

Tesla has opened its 100th Supercharger site, in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, and will commemorate the milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday morning. The new station, which has six charging stalls and will be open 24/7, is located in the Hamilton Market Place mall, just off Interstate 195, about 40 miles northeast of Philadelphia. Supercharger… Read more »

March plug-in sales: LEAF leaps ahead, Volt vindicated

In the spring a young person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…a new car! Overall auto sales were up 6% in March, and plug-in sales surged. 9,376 units were sold, a healthy increase both on February’s figure (7,055) and last March’s measure (7,982). The LEAF opened up a wide lead with 2,507 units, a respectable… Read more »

VW: e-Golf battery pack doesn’t need a liquid cooling system

Does an EV battery pack need a liquid cooling system? Automakers have different opinions. The Tesla Roadster and Model S have ‘em, the Nissan LEAF does not. Volkswagen initially designed its e-Golf with a liquid-cooled battery, but the production e-Golf, which is now on sale in Germany, and will arrive in selected US markets during… Read more »

Tesla Gigafactory takes shape, stock soars, short-sellers weep

Let’s all shed a crocodile tear or two for the poor Tesla short-sellers. Their faces (and their balance sheets) turned an even deeper shade of red this week, as TSLA shares powered through the $200 mark without tapping the brakes, on the way to $260 and beyond. A series of positive news items has driven… Read more »

Plenty to like in Tesla quarterly report, but red ink causes stock to slide

Tesla’s earnings report for the third quarter of 2013, released Tuesday, told a tale of steady, if modest, progress on almost all fronts. The company delivered a record number of vehicles, increased its gross margins, increased its cash balance – and either earned or lost money, depending on how you’re counting. Just over 5,500 Model… Read more »