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Wolfspeed’s new SiC power module is built for harsh environments

Wolfspeed, a specialist in silicon carbide (SiC) power products, has released a new power module that’s designed to withstand high-humidity, high-temperature and high-voltage conditions.

The new all-SiC module, rated for 300 A and 1.2 kV blocking, passed a reliability test that subjected it to an environment of 85% relative humidity and 85° C ambient temperature while biased at 80% of rated voltage (960 V).

Powered by new Wolfspeed MOSFETs and Gen5 Schottky diodes that also pass the harsh environment test at the die level, the new module uses high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride substrates and optimized assembly methods to meet industry thermal and power cycling requirements. Wolfspeed says it offers five times lower switching losses than similarly-rated IGBT modules.

“This device is yet another industry first driven by Wolfspeed,” said CTO John Palmour. “The latest 1,200 V module demonstrates our commitment to meeting the anticipated system requirements for 2020 and beyond.”


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Source: Wolfspeed


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