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UnitedSiC launches new version of FET-jet component selection tool

UnitedSiC has launched version 2 of its FET-jet calculator, a tool used to select Schottky diodes and field-effect transistors (FETs).

The user selects the topology of the desired AC-DC or DC-DC converter, isolated or non-isolated. Changing between continuous, critical, or discontinuous modes is automatic. The input, output, and power required are selected, and the tool then generates a selection of SiC FETs and Schottky diodes from the UnitedSiC catalog. The tool calculates overall efficiency, component losses by dynamic and conduction contributions and current stress levels.

Additional specifications can be made for paralleled devices, multiple converter legs and external heatsink performance for a prediction of junction temperatures.

Losses and temperature rises are now displayed as bar charts for an instant visual indication of the conduction, turn-on and turn-off loss contributions. 

A new addition in version 2 is recommendations for gate resistors RGon and RGoff for different devices and drive voltages, along with suggested snubber component values for optimized control of voltage overshoot. Other new features are links to a part-marking decoder, indicative waveform images, and the option to download a PDF file of the calculator results. The company offers video tutorials and a FAQ at its website, and the calculator can be used from a browser window without registration.

Source: UnitedSiC

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