UK bank NatWest to install 600 public chargers at branches

Banking giant NatWest plans to install 600 public chargers across its office locations in the UK.

EQUANS, a new autonomous business within the multinational electric utility ENGIE, will supply, commission and operate the Alfen Pro-Line 7.4 kW dual chargers, which will be part of EQUANS’s national GeniePoint network.

The chargers will be available to staff, visitors, and customers at NatWest offices, and will also support the company’s transition to 300 fleet EVs.

NatWest has strategically selected locations where power is readily available and EV demand is predicted to be high.

“The only way we will convince a greater proportion of the population to consider electric vehicles is by giving them greater options and better access to chargers,” said Jerry Moloney, Managing Director for EQUANS’s Futures business in the UK and Ireland.

“We are helping our staff decarbonise transport and achieve net zero commuting,” said NatWest Climate Solutions Lead Michael Lynch. “Working in partnership with EQUANS to provide EV charge points at key strategic office locations supports our staff in making the transition to electric vehicles and help reduce our carbon footprint.”

Source: Electric Drives


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