Tritium’s new DC fast charger boasts 15-minute charging time

Australia-based EVSE manufacturer Tritium has always emphasized the compactness and elegant design of its DC fast chargers. Now it aspires to bring EV charging speed closer to that of visiting a gas station. Tritium says its new RT175-S smart charging system can charge some EVs to an 80 percent charge level in 15 minutes.

The IP65-rated unit provides 175 kW of charging power, and boasts an average efficiency of 95 percent. Like other Tritium chargers, it has a small footprint and is liquid-cooled, featuring tilt sensors for additional safety.

The RT175-S features an all-in-one isolated power unit and integrated reinforced isolating transformer. It’s capable of continuous 175 kW operation at 104° F and 150 kW operation at up to 122° F.

Optional features include: a cold weather kit for operation down to -22° F; an escutcheon panel with lockable isolator for added safety; increased SCCR to 100 kA for grid connection with high available fault currents, site power management and load balancing for multiple charger sites.

Credit card compatibility is integrated, and supports several payment models, including fixed-price charging, pre-authorized/post-settlement variable pricing and charges based on elapsed time for kWh consumed.

The RT175-S supports Plug and Charge, a communications protocol that enables EVs and chargers to exchange authentication and billing data via the charging cable, eliminating the need for RFID membership cards, smartphone apps or credit card readers.

“The RT175-S is the ideal solution for high-population areas and can easily be adapted for highway rest stops, fuel stations, municipalities, utilities, fleets, retail, education, destination centers, and heavy infrastructure such as mining and ports,” said Jane Hunter, CEO of Tritium.

“This technology requires minimal maintenance, maximizes uptime and has a secure payment system that allows customers to feel at ease when using the charger,” said Dave Finn, founder and Chief Growth Officer of Tritium.

Source: Tritium

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