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Today’s EV engineering webinar schedule: Wednesday, April 19th

Today, Charged is hosting a virtual conference on EV engineering that’s free to attend. The conference includes live webinar sessions with interactive Q&As and on-demand webinars. View the daily session schedule online here.

All live sessions will be recorded and available to view after the broadcasts. You can access the recorded videos on each session’s registration page.

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 Session Topics:

60-minute Feature Presentations:

10:30 AM EDT
See What Powers Over 5,000 EV Battery Test Channels Across the World. And Why

1:00 PM EDT
Improving EV Battery Design And Thermal Performance With Adhesive Tapes

30-Minute Presentations:

8:00 AM EDT
DC Charging Makes Regenerative Energy More Efficient

8:45 AM EDT
Enhancing Next Generation Dedicated Driveline e-Fluids Through New Testing Capabilities

9:30 AM EDT
Plastic Component Potential For xEV Of The Future

10:15 AM EDT
Ultrasonic Metal Welding Busbar Applications in EVs

11:00 AM EDT
The Goldilocks Problem: Balancing Internal Forces Within An EV Battery Module Or Pack

11:45 AM EDT
EV Powertrain Optimization Using The All-Cloud Software Stack

12:30  PM EDT
Measuring Thermal And Mechanical Loads On High Voltage Components

2:00 PM EDT
Decoding UN 38.3 Transportation Testing For EV Batteries

2:45 PM EDT
Power And Efficiency Measurements Of Electrified Vehicles

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