The New Motion smart charging pilot lets Dutch drivers choose clean electrons

The New Motion - EV Charging

A pilot program in the Netherlands will give EV drivers the option of scheduling charging to take advantage of lower nighttime rates, and also to choose among different energy suppliers.

“Flexible Charging Rates” is a joint project of network operator Enexis, energy suppliers Green Choice and NieuweStroom, and service providers The New Motion and Greenflux. It involves 50 participating EV drivers, and will run till November 2015.

Participants will be able to choose the times of their charging sessions, and also to opt for electricity generated from renewable sources.

It’s all part of a larger pilot called “Slim Charging Brabant,” in which the province of Brabant will develop a network of public charge points, connected by a smart network called Slim Net that will manage power demand to avoid overloading the power network.


Source: The New Motion

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