Tesla reveals new dual-connector charging port

Tesla has unveiled a new charging port design for Models S and X, featuring dual connectors, which will initially be introduced only in China.

The current charging port on Tesla vehicles features different connectors in different markets. In the US and Canada, it uses Tesla’s own proprietary connector; in Europe, it uses the standard Mennekes plug. In China, Tesla was using the same plug as in Europe. However, China has developed its own GB charging standard, and the new dual connector charging port uses that, alongside Tesla’s proprietary plug.

The Chinese government plans to deploy 12,000 public charging stations across the country, and is considering an incentive plan for EV buyers to install home charging stations. Those stations will use the new national charging standard, which is probably what prompted Tesla to introduce the dual charging port.

Electrek speculates that Tesla may eventually introduce a similar dual port in other markets as well, incorporating the CCS standard, which seems to be gaining ground over the competing CHAdeMO standard.


Source: Electrek

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