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Renesas to boost semiconductor production at Japanese factory

Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics is planning to restart a wafer fabrication operation at its Kofu factory in Kai City, Japan.

The Kofu factory housed 150 mm and 200 mm wafer fabrication production lines before it was closed in October of 2014. Now Renesas Electronics is investing 90 billion yen ($705 million) to set up a 300 mm wafer fabrication production line to open in 2024. The company says the Kofu factory’s mass production will double its total power semiconductor production capacity.

The company also said it plans to boost production capacity for IGBTs.

“This investment enables us to have our largest wafer fabrication line dedicated to power semiconductors, which are key to realizing decarbonization,” said President and CEO of Renesas Hidetoshi Shibata. “We will continue to conduct necessary investments to enhance our in-house production capability while further strengthening ties with outsource partners. To address the mid- to longer-term demand growth, Renesas remains committed to ensuring security of supply in order to provide our customers with the best possible support.”

Source: Renesas Electronics


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