Panasonic’s new capacitors enable smaller ECUs 

Panasonic automotive capacitors

Panasonic’s new conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors are designed to deliver large capacitance and large current in a compact SMD form factor. The new caps are well-suited for automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

According to Panasonic, its new product enables ECUs to be downsized, with instantaneous large current supply into the power supply circuits, and provides a superior level of electromechanical integration.

These little babies are only 10 mm in diameter, and 10.2 in height, but they pack a static capacitance of 470 µF / 25 VDC (Panasonic’s conventional products deliver 330 µF / 25 VDC).

They also crank out instantaneous large current for motor driving. Their ripple current of 2800 mArms surpasses Panasonic’s conventional products, which muster only 2000 mArms.

Mass production is to begin in September.


Source: Panasonic

  • jstack6

    Ultra caps and Super Capacitors last forever and pack a lot of power. When combines with Lithium batteries they increase the life of the power system, allow more REGENerative braking capture and increase the range of the vehicle. The BlueCar does this now.

    • WQ @ CeeTech Inc.

      This is a sweet combination. How come I never thought of it?

    • nordlyst

      Is it expensive? If not, I reckon this will become a standard approach. Certainly braking power is far too great to simply put right on the battery under hard braking (F1 is about two megawatts, and the cars are really light!)

  • Dennis Worley

    Very exciting!