Opbrid Trukbaar brings overhead DC fast charging to electric trucks

Opbrid Trůkbaar truck1

Furrer+Frey and Opbrid have developed the Opbrid Bůsbaar, an overhead high-power charging system for heavy-duty vehicles, which is now being used to charge the Volvo Electric Hybrid bus in a couple of pilot projects in Sweden. Their new product, the Opbrid Trůkbaar V3, brings automatic fast charging to electric trucks.

City buses are natural candidates for charging en route, and Opbrid also sees a compelling case for fast-charged electric trucks in applications such as refuse collection, airport vehicles, ports, and delivery trucks. The Trůkbaar and the Bůsbaar share the same design, with a pantograph which lowers from a curbside station, and a transverse 4-contact bar on the roof of the vehicle.

The Opbrid Trůkbaar is designed for mode 4 DC charging, up to 650 kW. The Opbrid Trůkbaar and Bůsbaar are 100% compatible, enabling cities to leverage their investment in bus chargers by also using them for other service vehicles.

The overhead pantograph is hidden underneath a weatherproof cover, allowing designers to create curbside charging stations that blend into existing streetscapes. Vehicles of various heights can charge at the same station due to the large vertical working range. The station retracts upward to over 4.5 meters when not charging to allow traffic to pass underneath.

The Opbrid Trůkbaar and Bůsbaar V3 have been designed to conform to IEC and ISO standards for high-power DC charging, with 4 contacts, correct contact sequence, and built-in verification of contact surface before charging.


Source: Opbrid SL, Furrer+Frey

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