Northvolt to couple charging station with energy storage system

Northvolt and Swedish power provider Mälarenergi are partnering to construct an energy storage system at an EV charging station in Västerås, Sweden. The companies are designing the battery system to provide more than an 80% reduction in electricity peak demand directly at the charging station, thereby lessening the impact of EV charging on the local electricity network.

For the project, Northvolt will deliver a lithium-ion battery system based on its modular Voltrack system. The system will provide power output of up to 220 kW and a usable energy capacity of 320 kWh. The project is the first time that Mälarenergi will co-locate an energy storage system alongside EV charging infrastructure. Northvolt plans to commission the battery system in summer 2020.

Emad Zand, President of Energy Solutions at Northvolt, said, “Northvolt’s mission is to enable the future of energy by developing battery products across multiple industries. We believe that an electrified transportation system coupled with increased urbanization will rapidly increase the demands on utilities to strengthen their grids in a quick and flexible manner. The partnership with Mälarenergi represents our first commercial deployment, showcasing how batteries can be a part of the solution of the future grid.”

Source: Northvolt


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