New report: EVs can make the power grid more efficient and affordable

Plainly, the growing popularity of EVs will have a substantial impact on electric utilities. A new report from nonprofit utility watchdog the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) argues that, with the right public policy, that impact could be a positive one.

The ABCs of EVs: A Guide for Policy Makers and Consumer Advocates“ is intended to help stakeholders, including state regulators and consumer advocates, develop optimal EV-related polices.

While an EV dramatically reduces driving costs, charging requirements could increase a household’s electricity usage by 40 percent, according to CUB. However, managing EVs and related infrastructure as distributed energy resources could result in lower electric rates for all consumers, even those who don’t drive EVs.

“EVs provide an opportunity for tremendous benefit for the electrical system,” said lead author Martin R. Cohen. “But there are also pitfalls if public policy doesn’t keep pace with the new technology.”

“CUB as well as policy makers don’t usually concern themselves with end-use electricity,” said CUB Executive Director David Kolata. “But we argue that the right public policy can use EVs to create a more efficient and affordable power grid.”


Source: Citizens Utility Board


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