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Musk: Highly satisfied Tesla owners’ suggestions will be implemented soon

Most folks who have comments about a product send an email to customer service. However, Model S owners are no ordinary consumers. A pair describing themselves as “two VERY highly satisfied Tesla owners from Southold, New York” took out a full-page ad in the Palo Alto Daily, thanking “automotive visionary” Elon Musk for building “the great American car,” and suggesting several minor improvements.

The husband and wife team’s suggested changes include several high-tech safety enhancements such as “blind spot monitors,” sensors to detect nearby objects, and voice-activated phone dialing; as well as a couple of piddling details, such as moving the cup holder and the sun visor.

The pair also suggests that Tesla invest in some advertising, saying that “promotion of your cars to the general public could only have a positive effect.”

Elon Musk promptly responded with a tweet, saying, “many of the suggestions will be implemented soon.”

Ah, but which ones? Which ones? As far as the safety features, it seems likely that Tesla is already planning to introduce some of these soon – several observers have found it odd that Model S doesn’t offer these bells and whistles, which are common on other luxury models.

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Media ads, however, would mark a major shift in strategy for the company. Having created a revolutionary product, Tesla has usually been content to “let the marketing take care of itself.” Not only has the company run no ads, it has seldom bothered to court the media, as other automakers do – the media has been pounding on its door from the beginning. And as long as Model S sales are “production-constrained rather than demand-constrained,” Tesla will probably see little need to spend money looking for new customers.


Source: Tesla
Image: Public Herald/Flickr

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