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MDL’s new Motor-CAD v11 motor design software

Motor design software specialist Motor Design Limited (MDL) has released a new version of its Motor-CAD software package. Motor-CAD is aimed at motor designers, and is designed to perform quick and easy electromagnetic and thermal performance tests on electric machine designs.

Motor-CAD is composed of three main modules: EMag, Therm, and Lab. The EMag module is an FEA transient electromagnetic solver combined with analytical models that can be used to calculate parameters such as torque, power, and efficiency.

The Therm module provides thermal and flow network analysis of electric motors and generators, including steady-state and transient analysis.

The Lab module is a virtual testing laboratory designed to provide calculations over the complete range of the operational envelope by using intelligent loss algorithms.

New features for version 11 include:

  • New multi-phase winding options for BPM machines
  • New Finite Element Analysis (FEA) path interface, which allows values to be analyzed along paths
  • New SYNC EMag and Lab modules
  • New SRM EMag module
  • New thermal calculation interface
  • New automated calculation of forces, including both spatial and time harmonics, which can be exported for NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) studies


Source: Motor Design Limited



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