MAHLE installs chargeBIG centralized charging system at Stuttgart Airport

Automotive supplier MAHLE is installing its chargeBIG charging system, and 110 charging points, at the Stuttgart Airport. chargeBIG is a centralized, scalable charging infrastructure for short-term parking lots and fleet operators. The system is designed to decrease bottlenecks in the power supply by dynamically managing the electric load.

The chargeBIG chargers allow for single-phase AC charging with output between 2.3 and 7.2 kilowatts. A central control unit distributes the available charging capacity across the parked vehicles using dynamic, phase-specific load management. This system prevents unbalanced loads in the power supply. MAHLE says it has designed chargeBIG to respond flexibly to other consumers on the network. It uses the connected EVs as a controllable load to ensure optimal utilization of the available power supply.

MAHLE says the installation of 110 charging points at the Stuttgart Airport is well underway. The parking facilities have already been developed and the charging points are currently being fitted to wall and column mountings.

Sebastian Ewert, MAHLE’s Head of Project Management, said, “The bottlenecks in the charging process are caused by spikes in power delivery rather than the energy that is actually available. We use intelligent load distribution to take advantage of this situation.”

Source: MAHLE

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