Lilium hopes to make its VTOL electric jet an airborne Uber

EVs are taking to the skies. Startups Eviation and Zunum are working on electrified passenger aircraft. Electric truck maker Workhorse recently spun off a subsidiary that makes a personal octocopter.

The latest plane play to hit the headlines is Lilium, which was founded in 2015, and raised $90 million in funding in September. Lilium’s aim is to “revolutionize the way people move in and around the world’s cities,” said co-founder Patrick Nathen. In Nathen’s vision, you’ll be able to hail an e-plane from your phone, and board at a rooftop landing port

Lilium tested a prototype of its aircraft last year in Munich. Lilium’s “electric jet” can take off and land vertically using fans embedded in the wings. Once airborne, the fans fold into a horizontal position and the jet can fly like any small airplane, at a top speed of around 190 miles per hour.

The plane will have a total range of around 190 miles. Lilium hopes to test it with a pilot by next year and bring it to market by 2025.


Source: Lilium via Business Insider