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Learn about state-of-the-art magnetic alloys for EV motors: watch the free webcast

A new generation of stator and rotor materials offer 25% higher induction and 30% lower losses than conventional electrical steel, resulting in a significantly higher power and torque density compared to conventional materials.

In a new webcast session recently announced at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, Nir Vaks—Global Director at Carpenter Electrification—will lead a discussion about state-of-the-art magnetic alloys for EV motors. Vaks currently leads Carpenter’s new Electrification rapid growth platform, responsible for new product development and commercialization efforts in the areas of power generation, electrification of land and air vehicles, thermal management, and groundbreaking magnetic, electric and thermal alloy development.

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In addition to EV motor design and manufacturing topics, the Charged Virtual Conference will cover battery systems engineering, cell development, power electronics design and manufacturing, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection, wire & cable, and more. New sessions announced include:

  • Battery Systems For The Heavy-Duty Market: Designing, Ruggedizing, Testing, And Manufacturing
  • Tesla’s Inverter Technology Versus Other BEVs
  • Recovering Usable Battery-Grade Materials From Shredded Li-Ion Cells
  • Potting EV/HEV Motors
  • Measuring Torque Ripple And Its Effects On Electric Power
  • Developing And Testing The BMS For A New EV Program

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