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iPhone contract manufacturer Foxconn invests $811 million in EV factory

The rumors have been flying since the Foxconn Technology Group’s June announcement that it plans to build an EV with a price tag of less than $15,000. The Taiwanese company builds iPhones for Apple and the touchscreen for the Tesla Model S.

[Correction 1:00pm EDT 9/26/14: Despite widespread internet reports that Foxconn produces the Model S touchscreen, Tesla told us that’s not the case. “Foxconn is not the producer of the Tesla Model S touchscreen,” said Alexis Georgeson, communications representative for Tesla.]

Recently Foxconn revealed that it plans to invest at least 5 billion yuan ($811 million) to develop EV manufacturing in China’s Shanxi province, where it already has two factories.

iphone 6 (thronx)

No further details are on offer at the moment, but the company already assembles battery packs for the BAIC E150 EV, a Chinese EV with a 25.6 kWh pack and a 90-mile that starts at around $20,300.


Source: Computerworld, The Green Optimistic
Images: Top image courtesy of Fang HSIEH/Flickr, Bottom courtesy of thronx/Flickr


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