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Heraeus Electronics and Bosch sign license agreement for inorganic potting

Heraeus Electronics and Robert Bosch have inked a patent and know-how license agreement to industrialize a ceramic potting compound technology for power electronics.

Heraeus Electronics can use Bosch’s patent portfolio to create its inorganic potting compound, CemPack, for power module encapsulation. The encapsulating material has a thermal conductivity of 5 W/m-K and temperature resistance of up to 300° C, increasing power densities and dependability. The licensing agreement also permits the encapsulation of passive components (magnetics, capacitors or resistors), electric motors (stators) and other devices that need a thermal bridge to a heat sink.

“The combination of expertise between Heraeus and Bosch enables a new type of encapsulants that will bring power electronic packages to the next level so that these packages can unfold the full potential of a new generation of semiconductors,” said Dr. Klemens Brunner, Head of Heraeus Electronics.

Source: Heraeus Electronics


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