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Georgia’s EV tax credit on the chopping block

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Chuck Martin, a Republican Georgia state representative has introduced a bill that would put an end to Georgia’s $5,000 state tax credit for EV purchases, which has been credited with making Atlanta the #2 market for plug-ins in the country.

“Is it really good state policy to pay $50 million per year to let a select group of 10,000 or more individuals drive a particular type of car for free or almost free?” asked Martin in a recent column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His bill, which would end the subsidy on July 1, has already gained the support of more than 60 fellow House members.

Martin sponsored similar legislation last year that twice passed the House, but died in the Senate.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ben Harbin, R-Evans, is preparing legislation that would reduce the credits and phase them out by 2019, while also broadening the program to include PHEVs.

“As the state has become a leader in these clean technology vehicles, Georgia companies are investing in workplace charging programs, Georgia utilities are seeing an increased demand for domestic energy, and economic opportunities are arising in the state due to the electric vehicle industry growth,” Harbin said. “I met with stakeholders to form a compromise addressing the concerns that were voiced last year. The bill I am introducing lowers the credit and creates a sunset that will diversify participation in the program.”      


Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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