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Florida makes $57 million in funding available for electric school buses

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has announced a Notice of Funding Availability for $57 million for the purchase of electric Type C or Type D school buses to replace comparable diesel buses. The grants are part of Florida’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan, which also includes EV infrastructure projects.

Only school districts within an Air Quality Priority Area designated in the Mitigation Plan are eligible for this project. School districts must provide at least a 25-percent cost-share. Funding will be provided on a competitive basis, and school districts that offer the highest cost-shares will be prioritized. Districts are encouraged to create partnerships with local electric utilities or other business entities to maximize cost-share opportunities.

School districts that wish to apply for the grants should visit the department’s Volkswagen Settlement web page to submit the application worksheet. Applications must be received by Dec. 18, 2020.

Source: Florida Department of Environmental Protection


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