EVgo’s fast charging network has doubled in size in the past eight months

NRG EVgo 3

NRG EVgo has quietly become one of the largest and fastest-growing DC fast charging networks in the US. In total, it’s currently operating more than 350 DC fast chargers in 19 markets – doubling in size in the past eight months.

In fact, as of May 2015, it has over four times more CHAdeMO and CCS fast chargers installed than any other public network.

The company told us that it has no plans to slow down its growth, and by the end of the year it will be fully operational in another 7 markets. Currently, EVgo operates more than 100 DC fast chargers in the LA market; 50 in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas; 28 in Chicagoland and 10 coming online in Denver. Dozens more sites in half a dozen metro areas are in the permitting and construction process.

“In Atlanta, with help from our partner site owners like Simon Properties and AAA Car Care Centers, we have been able to get 28 locations online in just the last six months – opening another 9,000 square miles to EV owners,” NRG EVgo President Arun Banskota recently told Charged.

The company started its EV charging network buildout in Texas where NRG is headquartered and already serves over 2 million retail electricity customers, with thousands of employees located there. “It was a good place to demonstrate the complete business model,” said Banskota. “Today, Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth are both significant metropolitan areas with growing bases of EV sales. They are our most mature networks, but our fastest-growing areas are in California and Atlanta.”

“The purpose of the EVgo network is to provide all EV drivers, no matter the make of their vehicle, with confidence in their ability to travel. It is not just about that ability city to city. It is arguably even more important to provide that confidence in the greater metro area of a city.

Houston, for example has a contiguous footprint that is 8,778 square miles. It is bigger than the state of New Jersey. The Freedom Station sites in Houston allow EV drivers, no matter their vehicles’ range, to roam that entire region with ease. It gives them the ability to quickly recharge in a location where they can actually get something done.”


Image courtesy NRG EVgo

  • Michael Walsh

    And So what’s the story for here in AUSTIN with total Charging Station Stagnation?
    It seems ChargePoint has been granted a total monopoly by AustinEnergy, disallowing competition and more stations that are sorely needed. Downtown Whole Foods has ONE charger and used to actually have TWO! So we are regressing…. 🙁 Who knows more??

    • Sam

      On top of that, it would be nice to get some down I-35. Put one in at Hillsboro and one in Waco and you could finally get from Dallas to Austin. Of course a few more would be nice just to make sure you don’t get half way and find the one and only charger is offline or something. There’s even a Nissan in Waco. Hillsboro is the only part of the trip without a dealership

      • sakejunkie

        Garlyn Shelton Nissan in Temple has a DC Quick Charger! Carefull as they close the lot after 6 pm and on Sundays

        • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

          Another Reason why Nissan needs to get more of their CHAdeMO installs at places like Malls, instead of Dealers, and the Dealers could partner with Signage – showing the site’s sponsorship!

      • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

        As I mentioned here – https://chargedevs.com/newswire/evgo-is-future-proofing-its-fast-charging-sites-with-the-ability-to-double-charging-capacity/ the big issue with Non-Tesla DC QC installations – is the very typical One Only per site situation, when they need to be installed in Pairs, at least! Each site also needs Faster AC Charging Station on site (at least 6.6 – 10 kW), and adding a couple 3.3 kW charging stations for PHEV’s and older BEV’s that only can charge that fast would help to keep the DC QC’s open and usable thos those that need them!

  • http://www.gospacego.com/ David Sharp

    If anyone in Austin wants a EV charger contact me por favor. GoSpace supplies and installs Chargepoint, Clipper Creek, and Schneider Charger Products. We’ll hook you up!