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EVDrive Terra-Torque-Drive targets off-road vehicle market

EVDrive has demonstrated its new Terra-Torque-Drive torque vectoring technology, which is specifically geared to 4-wheel off-road vehicles, aka Utility Terrain Vehicles or UTVs. The company is targeting OEMs such as Polaris, Deere and Bobcat. Some 323,000 UTVs were sold in North America in 2012.

According to the company, a Terra-Torque-Drive-equipped UTV with the LPG- gas- or diesel-powered EVDrive Range Extender (REX) would have several advantages over today’s UTVs:

  • Highest efficiency 4wd drivetrain of any UTV today
  • Zero radius turning
  • Torque and power can be dynamically sent to any wheel, in either direction, in any combination, at any time
  • 120 VAC power from onboard battery pack, backed up with the REX
  • Greater river depth traversal due to completely sealed liquid cooled e-motors/power electronics.
  • Stealthy low noise operation in electric-only mode

“Off-road UTVs are ideally suited to our torque vectoring technology where only single fixed speed reduction is required per motor-wheel to attain 55-75 mph top speeds with the type of high-RPM brushless motor technology we employ,” said COO Steve Tice.

“Our custom high-voltage 15 kW single-cylinder REX is located between the rear seats, so with this subsystem, competing against top 4-seat UTVs in range will not be a problem – certainly the performance meets and beats stock UTVs we have tested,” said CTO Bob Simpson.


Source: EVDrive


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