EVBox installs 50,000th charging station at Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

Charging station manufacturer EVBox has installed its 50,000th charging station at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), an organization that provides office space and other amenities to local clean-tech start-ups.

“We’re building a state-of-the-art EV Showcase where we can demonstrate a variety of smart charging equipment, EVs and mobility solutions,” said LACI Chief Partnerships Officer Ben Stapleton. “We’re pleased to have a global leader such as EVBox as a partner on this project.”

“We know that 55% of electric drivers in the US ask for a wider availability of charging points,” says Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox. “We achieved 50,000 charging points in under seven years, and we plan on achieving the next 50,000 in under two years.”


Source: EVBox

  • William

    I’m not sure I’ve even heard of EVBox before. How can it be that they’ve installed 50,000 EVSEs? No, wait… how can anyone have installed 50,000 EVSEs? That number sounds like it came from out of another universe, or perhaps from the future.

    • Job Karstens

      Hi William, Job from EVBox here.

      Actually the market for EVSE’s (like EV’s) is growing very fast. According to latest estimates (from Navigant Research) over 850.000 EVSE’s will be installed globally in 2017 alone. Good news for us EV fans!

      About us, we are a Dutch company by origin, and became active in the US since last year. If you’re curious about us, do visit our website: http://www.ev-box.us/

      Hope this answers your questions!
      Best, Job

      • BruceW2014

        C’mon, Job, answer the question: Where can we find the exact locations of your 50k install claim?

        • Job Karstens

          Hi Bruce, unfortunately there’s no global map of all charging stations (that I know of at least), yet!

          For the Netherlands (which is where our HQ is) you can have a look here at the installed base: https://www.oplaadpunten.nl/?source=oplaadpunten.nl. Hope your Dutch is ok!

          • BruceW2014

            Danken! Indrukwekkend!

  • Harold T

    EVBox seems to focus on cities and business to equip parking garages with multiple charging points. Never heard of them either. They seem to offer service that tie in installation, repairs and billing. Seems to be level 2 mainly. nice puff promo piece though.