ELIX Wireless introduces 10 kW wireless charging system

ELIX Wireless

As battery capacities grow larger, there’s likely to be a demand for ever-higher charging power levels. With this in mind, ELIX Wireless has developed a wireless charging solution that delivers 10 kW of power transfer, and can operate under extreme environmental conditions.

The E10K Wireless Charging System is based on the company’s Magneto-Dynamic Coupling (MDC) technology, which uses two rotating permanent magnets in transmitter and receiver, rather than resonant inductive technology.

ELIX’s MDC system transfers power via the coupling between a rotating primary (transmitter) magnet and a secondary (receiver) magnet, with the two separated by an air gap. The rotation of the magnet in the transmitting unit causes a second magnet in the receiving unit to rotate in a synchronized manner.

The operating frequency range is 120-150 Hz. E10K “building blocks” can be combined to create higher power systems.

ELIX says that the efficiency of its MDC-based system is comparable to that of induction charging systems, with a practical system efficiency of 92%, and is fairly tolerant of misalignment between the transmitter and receiver. The system works with misalignment in both the x and y axes of up to 10 cm.

“When we set out to deliver the highest power wireless charging system in the industry, we didn’t just build upon existing inductive systems – we created an entirely new technology that meets customer demand for fast, safe and reliable charging,” said ELIX Wireless CEO David Smith. “The E10K Wireless Charging System leverages our ground-breaking MDC technology to deliver the power and consequently shorter charging times that our customers need. Its combination of low frequency, high power and compact form factor make it ideal for a wide variety of applications and operating environments.”


Source: ELIX Wireless via Green Car Congress

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