Electrify America rolls out kilowatt-hour pricing in Florida and Virginia

Following California’s 2019 announcement of an eventual ban on time-based pricing for EV charging, the industry has been moving towards kilowatt-hour pricing, which many EV drivers consider to be fairer and more transparent.

Electrify America updated its pricing structure in September to reflect the growing preference for kWh pricing, and now offers kWh pricing in 25 states and DC.

The latest states to be added to EA’s new kWh pricing plan are Florida and Virginia. The network currently operates 24 charging stations with 110 individual fast chargers in the Sunshine State, and 20 stations with 96 fast chargers in the Old Dominion.

Rates start at $0.31 per kWh. Complete pricing information is available on the company’s pricing web page, and on the Electrify America mobile app.

“Our focus is on the customer to provide a reliable charging experience for current and future EV drivers,” said Electrify America CEO Giovanni Palazzo.  “We are delighted to add Florida and Virginia, two key EV markets, and will continue working to expand kilowatt-hour pricing to even more states.”

Source: Electrify America


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