Electrify America opens 400th public charging station

Electrify America has rolled out a nationwide fast charging network with unprecedented speed. The company opened its 400th station this week, and now has over 1,700 individual chargers in service around the country. According to EA, 96 percent of Americans now live within 120 miles of one of its high-speed charging stations.

The buildout is far from finished. EA currently has more than 100 stations permitted and another 150 in various phases of design and engineering. By the end of 2021, EA plans to have some 800 charging stations with 3,500 individual chargers in service or under development.

Of course, it’s not all about the number of charging stations. Electrify America is determined to build a future-proof network, offering DC fast charging at power levels of up to 350 kW, even though it will be some time before cars capable of charging at this level will be on the road in numbers.

Even as it has been cranking out the new stations, EA has: introduced a robust mobile app that offers streamlined payment and membership options as well as the ability to remotely monitor charging sessions; made agreements with 7 EV manufacturers to offer their customers nationwide charging plans; signed network interoperability agreements with several other US charging networks; and partnered with over 640 site owners, from banks to big-box retailers to mom-and-pop retail locations.

“We are laser-focused on providing our customers with a high-quality charging experience,” said Electrify America CEO Giovanni Palazzo. “Today’s drivers need assurances that they will have access to fast and reliable charging services, and that’s what we’re working to deliver.

If you have a suggestion for a location for a new Electrify America charging site, you can submit a site location request at https://www.electrifyamerica.com/submissions.   

Source: Electrify America

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