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Eaton’s new EVK series Bussman fuses rated up to 1,000 VDC

Eaton has introduced the EVK Series, a new line of Bussmann series fuses. The high-voltage fuses are designed for high-powered EVs, and offer ratings up to 1,000 VDC and 600 amps.

Eaton says it can verify proper fuse-life performance and reliability for the lifetime of the vehicle. When severe short circuits occur due to a fault, such as a crash or an insulation break, the fuses isolate all of the available energy and safely interrupt the circuit. Current limitation is also important, as it restricts total fault energy, enabling downstream components in the system to survive the fault event.

The Bussmann series fuses require less space than traditional fuse systems, offer weight reduction, and provide short-circuit protection for conductors. Bussmann series fuses are available in eight different frame sizes, ranging from 15 amps for auxiliary components up to 600 amps for battery protection when the full application current is flowing. The fuses are designed to distribute heat away from weak spots, a key benefit for any fuse rating and especially critical for high-power fuses.

“The EVK fuse’s high-voltage rating provides full-range system protection in an economical package while meeting the needs of higher-voltage battery packs,” said Till Wagner, Eaton eMobility Product Manager. “Our Bussmann series fuses help ensure reliable protection of the circuit components. To provide optimal performance, we simulate driving and charging conditions unique to specific customers.”

Source: Eaton


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